Training Programs

These are the most popular 10k training programs used by our users within the 'Training Plan' mobile application.

If you are a coach you can share these programs with your clients. Can not find a program that suits you? Not a problem - create your own.

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Filter training programs created for a specific race distance.

Beginner programme

Beginner programme (10k)

8 weeks Easy

This program is for you if you’re new to running and would like to train for a 10km (6 mile) run. To make the most of this programme, you should be able to run / walk 5km (3 miles) in less than 40 minutes, and you may have already completed the beginner 5km programme.

Advanced programme

Advanced programme (10k)

12 weeks Medium

This program is for you if you consider yourself to be an advanced runner. You will have already completed 10km (6 miles) races before, perhaps following the Bupa beginner and intermediate training programmes.

Intermediate programme

Intermediate programme (10k)

8 weeks Easy

This program is for you if you have already done a race of 10km (6 miles) or longer and would like to improve your time. It uses long runs so you can be confident you’ll be able to cover the distance, and tempo and speed work to increase your pace.


Walkers (10k)

8 weeks Easy

If you want to conquer the 10k but have little running experience then why not walk? This program will guide you in building up your fitness to get you across the finish line.

Hal Higdon  

android (10k)

2 weeks Easy

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