Training Programs

These are the most popular Half Marathon training programs used by our users within the 'Training Plan' mobile application.

If you are a coach you can share these programs with your clients. Can not find a program that suits you? Not a problem - create your own.

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Beginner Half Marathon

Beginner Half Marathon (Half Marathon)

18 weeks Medium

Hansons Beginner Half Marathon

Hansons Running  
6 Week Half Marathon

6 Week Half Marathon (Half Marathon)

6 weeks Medium

A plan to get you round a half marathon in 6 weeks.

Beginner programme

Beginner programme (Half Marathon)

12 weeks Easy

This program is for you if it’s the first time you’ve run a half marathon or if it’s been some time since you ran any longer distances. To get the most out of it, you should be able to run 3 miles (5km) in under 40 minutes – you may have completed one of the other beginner training programmes.

Advanced programme

Advanced programme (Half Marathon)

12 weeks Medium

This program is for you if you consider yourself to be an advanced runner. You may have already completed half marathon (13.1 miles / 21km) races before, or possibly a 10km (6 miles) or 10 mile (16km) race, perhaps following the Bupa beginner and intermediate training programmes.

Advanced Half Marathon

Advanced Half Marathon (Half Marathon)

18 weeks Hard

Hansons Advanced Half Marathon

Hansons Running  
REI Trail Running Half Marathon

REI Trail Running Half Marathon (Half Marathon)

7 weeks Medium

Weeks 6-12.