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These are the most popular Marathon training programs used by our users within the 'Training Plan' mobile application.

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Advanced Marathon 1

Advanced Marathon 1 (Marathon)

18 weeks Medium

The Advanced 1 Marathon Training Program is a serious marathon training program with weekly speed session as well as progressive long runs up to 20 miles this program is sure to push you.

Hal Higdon  
Advanced Marathon 2

Advanced Marathon 2 (Marathon)

18 weeks Hard

The Advanced 2 Marathon Training Program is the toughest one Hal offers. With regular hill, interval, and marathon pace workouts as well as progressive long runs up to 20 miles this program is sure to push you.

Hal Higdon  
Novice 1

Novice 1 (Marathon)

18 weeks Easy

A great program for a first time marathoner. This program will help you get to the finish line. It focuses on helping you increase your mileage in a sensible and safe manner giving consideration to appropriate rest and cross training.

Hal Higdon  
Beginner programme

Beginner programme (Marathon)

16 weeks Easy

This programme is for beginner runners who would like to train for a marathon. The programme is for you if it’s the first time you’ve run a marathon, or a long time since you ran any longer distances. To get the most out of it, you should already be able to run at least 5km, and ideally 10km, comfortably.

Advanced Marathon

Advanced Marathon (Marathon)

18 weeks Hard

Advanced Marathon

Hansons Running  
Intermediate programme

Intermediate programme (Marathon)

16 weeks Medium

This programme is for you if you consider yourself to be a more developed runner. You may have already completed marathon races before, or possibly a half marathon race.

Novice 2

Novice 2 (Marathon)

18 weeks Easy

If you have run a marathon before and want to look to improving your finishing time then this is a great stepping stone program.

Hal Higdon  
Beginner Marathon

Beginner Marathon (Marathon)

18 weeks Medium

Hansons Beginner Marathon

Hansons Running  
Sub 3 - Just Enough Training Approach

Sub 3 - Just Enough Training Approach (Marathon)

14 weeks Hard

A 'just enough' approach to attaining the elusive sub 3 hour marathon. This program focuses on 3 quality workouts rather than mileage (quantity).

Bridger Ridge Run  

Pre-Comrades (Marathon)

3 weeks Medium

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Tim’s Marathon

Tim’s Marathon (Marathon)

20 weeks Medium

Sub 4 Hour

Harris Marrathon

Harris Marrathon (Marathon)

26 weeks Medium


Tough Marathon

Tough Marathon (Marathon)

18 weeks Hard

A tried and tested marathon program that will push you to your limits and lead you to a personal best. This program is heavy on both speed work and distance work - it will train you physically and mentally. Not for the feint of hearted.

our marathon program

our marathon program (Marathon)

1 week Easy

easier said than run