Sometimes text isn't the best way of consuming content. If you are looking to learn proper running form the best way to learn is to see it.

We have trawled through YouTube to find fantastic running related video content including shoe/gear reviews, physio/injury treatment/prevention guides and more.

We have also listed our favourite running related content producers.

If you would like to contribute or know of a must-watch video then please let us know.


The Myrtl Routine

A short overview of The Myrtl Routine, a routine designed to strengthen your hips and prevent numerous common running injuries.


A longer video demonstration of The Myrtl Routine a serious of movements to strengthen the hips and keep your body in prime shape for running.

How to Use Your Glutes while Running

Your glutes are vital to good running form. Not activating your glutes can result in other muscles overcompensating, leading to injuries. This insightful video outlines how to make sure that your glutes are firing.

Running Form: Correct technique and tips to run faster

You can never watch too many videos on correct running technique. This is a fantastic video from a highly qualified coach (Sandi Nypaver).

Proper Running Technique: Running Form Tips and Drills

Another running form video from well respected distance runner Sage Canaday. This one includes drills for you to try yourself.